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Our festival offers a variety of flow and cirque workshops for all experience levels.

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Audition to be a performer in our premier cirque show and/or for our traveling cirque company.

Fire Festival Photography by: Mark Behrens

Fire Festival Photography by: Mark Behrens

Professional photographers and videographers are encouraged to attend.  If you intend on using material from the festival for commercial usage, you must submit a request.  Professional photographers/videographers may apply for access to the event in exchange for allowing us to use your photographs/videos for our promotional purposes.  We will do our best to credit your photographs on our website, but you are encouraged to watermark your photos to guarantee promotion. 

Please email high resolution photographs/video to:FlamingToys@gmail.com

You will receive one (1) ticket for every one (1) hour volunteered.  Volunteer positions are limited.  Apply now!

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