Fire Festival Picture

"Fire Dancer Desert Flower"

Fire Festival Photography by: J-Rob Studios

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Fire Dancer Desert Flower

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Fire Festival Owners Adrionah & Joshua Hottel

Fire Festival Picture

Fire Festival

Fire Festival Picture

Fire Festival Photography by: J-Rob Studios


  • Be your unique self and let your weirdness shine.
  • Operate with integrity, respect, and trust.
  • Ensure safety at all times.
  • Provide excellence through honest communication, effective professionalism and efficiency.
  • Treat each endeavor as your own entrepreneurship through accountability, responsibility, and enthusiasm.
  • Be an innovative and risk-taking leader.
  • Pursue growth and learning with a child-like mind.
  • Collaborate with and commit to your team.
  • Be humble and demonstrate reciprocity.
  • Demonstrate grace.
  • Reward others and create balance through consistency, fairness, and quality.
  • Encourage diversity through embracing change and keeping an open-mind.
  • Empower the community with passion, determination, and creativity.
  • Build a positive atmosphere with Family Spirit.

​Our vision is to provide a platform for uniting cirque arts while rousing the artistic community, building the performance culture, and promoting the arts; to promote fire safety awareness in a fun and family-friendly environment; to demonstrate reciprocity at each event; to stimulate the economy by offering marketing and through featuring vendors, performers, and instructors.

​Code of Ethics:

Fire Dancer Desert Flower and Metallurgist Jasmine Mullet traveled the Western Coast of the US, performing at festivals and corporate parties for many years. With their home base in the small city of Redding, CA--they recognized the need for growing the fire performance and art culture in the cities that were not exposed to the main stream counter culture community.

​Fire Dancer Desert Flower began the initiative of amplifying
the fire culture presence in Redding by hosting what she thought
was going to be a small "spin jam." Her original intention
was to include 5-10 new fire dancing acquaintances and their
guests at this fire gathering in the parking lot of Water Works
Park. What began as a simple gathering soon turned into a
surprising 350+ person event on a Monday night in March. This is a large
gathering for a first time weekday event in the town of Redding.
Fire Desert Flower and Metallurgist Jasmine Mullet became
aware that this culture-thirsty town was eager to grow this
​unique and radical artistic scene.

​Because of the fees, permits, and other required financial
obligations for hosting the fire performance events, these
gatherings rapidly turned into fire festivals. The fire festivals not only
feature performance artists, they feature: interactive art installations,

vendors, family-friendly activities, workshops, music, food, beer and wine

We are now in our eleventh year of rapid growth and the fire 

festival has reached beyond the borders of the small Northern

California city, often booking performances along the West Coast and acquiring traveling performers to integrate within our production. is community-based and community-driven. We encourage performers and instructors to submit video auditions. And all fans are graciously welcomed!
Thank you for your support and participation!

--Fire Dancer Desert Flower